Acronyms and Abbreviations in Soviet Posters
Акронимы и сокрашения в советском плакате


Acronyms and Abbreviations in Soviet Posters

In the early days of the Soviet Union, each social or political innovation by the Soviet government gave rise to new linguistic multisyllabic slogans  - one longer and more awkward than the other - and thus the Russian language was losing the elegance and lightness of the pre-revolution Russian language.

The Russian language evolved in step with the Soviet man.

Some examples of acronyms have become generally recognizable, for example Kolkhoz (collective farm - колхоз) and Кomsomol (Young communists' league, комсомол - ВЛКСМ).

Other are more obscure, longer, and unpronounceable. 
  • Cheka (Extraordinary commission , actually an abbreviation: ЧК)
  • Obschepit (public catering Soviet style - Общепит)
  • RKKA (The Workers' and Farmers' Red Army - РККА)
  • DOSAAF (The Voluntary Organisation of Army, Aviation and Fleet - ДОСААФ)
  • NOT (Scientific Organisation of Work - Научная Организация Труда - НОТ)
  • Harvester (Хлебороб)
This exhibition show a number of posters including these acronyms, by artists Vadim Volikov (Вадим Воликов). Boris Uspensky (Борис Успенскийй), Saveliev (Савельев), Tatyana Konovalova-Kovrigina (Татьяна Коновалова-Коврыгина), Nikolai Tereschenko (Николай Терещенко), Sergey Nikiforov (Сергей Никифоров), Vladimir Zhabsky (Владимир Жабский)

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