Art Catalogues

The Gamborg Gallery has published a series of catalogues under the brand Masters of Soviet Art, each catalogue dedicated to one artist from our portfolio.

Each catalogue covers the creative life of the artist, from student works through the mature artist's works, including both official and ideological commissioned works, and works from the artists' private sphere. 
  • Galina Shubina (1902-1980) - Graphics and poster artist, Russian avant-garde - 64 pages
  • Mikhail Rojter (1916-1993) - Graphics artist. Sports, Siberia, Pioneers - 68 pages
  • Marina Uspenskaya (1925-2007) - Childrens' book illustrator, graphics artist, landscapes and portraits - 120 pages
  • Boris Uspensky (1927-2005) - Poster artist, Bolshoi Theatre posters and sketches, landscapes - 80 pages - 190 illustrations
  • Vera Livanova (1910-1998) and Tatyana Livanova (1931-2012), posters, theater decorations and costumes, circus posters - 96 pages - 300 illustrations
Thematic catalogues
  • Soviet Moscow - Советская Москва - 100 pages - 220 illustrations
  • New Year and Winter Holidays - 60 pages - 150 illustrations   
The catalogues are available - please contact us for a quote.

Download example of the Boris Uspensky catalogue 
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Каталоги-монографии советских художников:
  • Галина Константиновна Шубина (1902-1980) - 64 страницы
  • Михаил Григорьевич Роцтер (1916-1993) - 68 страниц
  • Марина Евгеньевна Успенская (1925-2007) - 120 страниц
  • Борис Александрович Успенский (1927-2005) - 80 страниц
  • Вера Матвеевна Ливанова (1910-1998) & Татьяна Германовна Ливанова (1931-2012) - 96 страниц
  • Советская Москва - 100 страниц
  • Новый год и зимние каникулы - 60 страниц
This website is dedicated to Soviet Art and Socialist Realism in the 20th century. We feature a large number of Soviet and socialist fine arts and posters as well as applied arts and design of that period.


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