Nikolay Viting (1910-1991)
Витинг, Николай (1910-1991)


Nikolay Viting (1910-1991)

Nikolay Iosifovich Viting was born in Bryansk. He and his family moved to Moscow in 1918, and from 1928-30 he studied at the  house of Art Education (Дом художественного воспитания) under Morozov and Ioon. In 1928-32 he studied at the Painters' Workshop (Цех живописцев). In 1933 he took classes from Favorsky and Pavlinov, while working in the Tretyakov Gallery as a guide.

In  1942 he became a member of the Artists' Union, and of the Grekov Studio of War Artists as well. He was at the front from 1942-45, working as a war artist.

He painted in oil, and worked with lithography and other prints, and worked for the publishing house "Detgiz", illustrating childrens' books, and for the publishing house "Molodaya Gvardiya"

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