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Much of our Soviet art on the site is available for licensing for commercial use, e.g. for editorial use (books, journals, and other media), as well as advertising and the internet, etc. 

We also provide Rights Management services for artists

Our stock covers a broad range of themes related to Soviet thematics and the history of the Soviet period. To name a few: The Soviet Woman, Soviet Agriculture, Industrial Themes, the Construction of Communism, Electrification, Nuclear and Water Power Plants, Virgin lands, Socialist Moscow, Leningrad, the Red Square, Cosmos and Cosmonauts, Satirical Drawings, Krokodil Satirical Journal, The Road to Siberia, Soviet Sports, Russian Avant-garde of the 1920s, Communist party posters, Youth festivals, Soviet Schools, Pioneers and Komsomols, Soviet Ballet and Theater  Cold War Propaganda, The Russian Village, Russian Provincial Towns, Russian Landscapes, The Volga, Theater Sets and Decorations, Textile Designs, Soviet Fashion.

Examples of publications using licensed images from our collection:
  • "Aesop's Fables", Aesop, cover illustration by Evgeniya Endrikson
  • "L'homme selon Marx - Man According to Marx", Jacques de Monleon, 2018, cover illustration by Evgeniya Endrikson
  • "Hunger", Knut Hamsun, 2018, cover illustration by Masabikh Akhunov
  • "All the Mowgli Stories", Rudyard Kipling, cover illustration by Irina Trofimova
  • "The Best Fairy Stories of the World, cover illustration by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Cuba's Revolutionary World", Jonathan C. Brown, cover illustration by Vera Livanova
  • "Would Trotsky Wear a Bluetooth?"Paul R. Josephson, cover illustration by Masabikh Akhunov
  • "Red Fortress", Catherine Merridale, cover illustration by Masabikh Akhunov
  • "The Communist Manifesto", Karl Marx, cover illustration by Vera Livanova
  • "Stalinism on the Frontier of EmpireElena Shulman, cover illustration by Galina Shubina
  • "An Environmental History of Russia", Paul R. Josephson et al., cover illustration by Boris Uspensky and Oleg Savostyuk
  • "Silver Hoof", Pavel Bazhov, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Masha and Oika", Sofiya Prokofieva, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "The Scarlet Flower", Sergey Aksakov, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "The Rain went for a Walk", Emma Moshkovskaya, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Our Granddad", Elena Blaginina, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Grievance", Agniya Barto, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Difficult Verses", Elena Blaginina, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "The Snow Maiden", illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Girls", Vera Smirnova, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Take Off the Armour!", Zoya Zhuravlyova, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Who Grinds the Flour", Evgeny Permyak, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "About a Donkey", Yakov Akim, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Alyonka", Lyudmila Zubkova, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
  • "Masha's Fairytales", Sofiya Prokofieva, illustrations by Marina Uspenskaya
Please contact us with questions or ask us for a quote related to specific works of art, or if you need assistance in finding specific artworks or topics for your publications or projects. 


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