poster artist

Born in the village Sushki, Ryazan region, Russia. Graduated from Moscow College of Industrial Art (1963). Was taught by V.Vasiliev, M.Belyanina, V.Egorova. Participant of art exhibitions since 1963.

Worked in the field of poster, book illustrations, museums design. Major works: "Forever alive", "Negative and Positive", "With high-reward You, dear citizens of Minsk", "Alcohol is the enemy of the family," "Flourish, native of Belarus", "The pain of my land", "Stop"; illustrations for the books "Vladimir Lenin in the Belarusian folk art" and "Minsk is a Hero City"; halls decorating of the Literary-Memorial Museum of Yakub Kolas in Minsk, Kletsk historical-ethnographic museum, the Museum of Soviet-Polish military cooperation in Lenin village, Mogilev region.

His works are  in Belarusian National Art Museum, BSM Funds. Member of BSM since 1967.


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