Moscow, USSR

Animalist, sculptor, graphic artist

Vadim Vadimovich Trofimov was born in the city of Ulyanovsk and moved to Moscow in 1920. He started taking art classes in 1928 with the artist Vatagin, studying both drawing and sculpture - a combination that remained with him through his whole career. His first job a an artist was at the Moscow Darwin museum, where he found his passion for depicting animals.

In the 1930 he started working as a book illustrator, for the publishing houses Detskaya Literatura and Prosveshenie. During the war he worked as a poster artist for the famous studio Okna TASS (Tass Windows).

He served in WW2 on the Bryansk and the Belorussian fronts, and was awarded several medals.

He traveled many times to Ceylon (Sri Lanka), drawing and making lithographs of the daily life on the island. Also, he traveled extensively in the Russian North, depicting Northern animals and Northern landscapes.

In his later years he mainly worked in sculpture, plaster, concrete, metal, creating life-size animals and compositions. The State Tretyakov museum in Moscow has a large collection of his works on permanent exhibition, , and so does the Moscow Darwin museum

Vadim Vadimovich's daughter Irina Trofimova is a famous textile designer and batik artist, and member of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.


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