Graphic artist

Anna Ivanovna Samoilovskikh was born in Kungur in the Perm province. She studied at the Perm art school under G. Melentev in 1921. From 1923-26 she studied at the Kazan Art School and graduated as a teacher of the graphic arts. From 1926-1930 she studied at the VKHUTEMAS art university in Moscow with the professors Kupreyanov, Aleksandr Deineka, Lev Bruni, D. Moore and Vladimir Favorsky.
She specialised in woodcut and lithography.
Anna Ivanovna participated in her first exhibition in 1925. from 1930-31 she worked as a poster artist at Izogiz, Moscow.  In 1934 she became a member of the Moscow Artists' Union. From 1945-1958 she was the head of the lithography workshop of the Artists' Union. 


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