Thematic Shows

One of the more famous quotes by Lenin is “Communism equals Soviet power plus the electrification of the whole country” (Коммунизм - это советская власть плюс электрификация всей страны).

This slogan was used from the 1930s and through the 1960s when bringing electricity to the remote regions through the construction of hydro power plants for example in Bratsk, and nuclear power plants. In the arts, the slogan was illustrated in posters, prints and oil paintings.

In this exhibition, we show works by Nikolai Tereschenko, Masabikh Akhunov, Mikhail Rojter, Vera Livanova, Viktor Barvenko and others.

Finally, we show a series of small oils by Vasilii Eryomin, who was the head artist during the construction of the hydro power plant in Togliatti/Samara in the early 1950s.



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