Thematic Shows

Developing the agricultural system was always a high priority – and issue – for the Soviet Union – starting from Lenin’s vision for the Socialist state with the troika of the Soldier, the Worker, and the Peasant.

During Stalin’s brutal forced collectivisation, the whole agricultural complex was torn apart. In this context, the Artists’ objectives were to depict the development of Socialist Agriculture, e.g. the conquering of virgin soil, happy harvesting, propaganda posters showing the growth in agricultural output, and the kolkhoz - Колхоз (collective farm) daily life.

This exhibition shows the works of a number of well-known Soviet artists, including Galina Shubina, Vera Livanova, Klara Vlasova, Nikolai Tereschenko, Natalia Gippius, Leonid Grigorashenko, Boris Sholokhov, Lipa Rojter, Yaroslav Titov, and Marina Uspenskaya.



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