Thematic Shows

The Russian work "Muzhik" can be translated as both Peasant or Man. It is a universal theme in Russian Literature.

Leo Tolstoy wrote in 1909 in his foreword to the book Russkie Muzhiki by N. Orlov: "The real Russian Muzhik is not the man who defeated Napoleon, and who conquered other peoples, not the man who, unfortunately, too quickly learned how to make cars and railways, and revolutions and parlaments with parties and departments. No, he is the humble, hard-working, God-loving, gentle and patient man who grew and now carries on his shoulders all that plagues and depraves him."

This exhibition shows a series of portraits of Russian Muzhiks painted by different artists and in different periods. There are "classical" Muzhiks - peasants - and there are Soviet "urban" Muzhiks.

These concepts may be quite difficult to explain in words - but every pictures in this exhibition tells a story.



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