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Ivan Nechuy-Levytsky (1838-1918) was a Ukrainian writer and translator. In 1847 he entered the Boguslav religious school. Upon graduation from the Kiev Theological Academy in 1865, he taught Russian language, history, and geography in the Poltava Theological Seminary (1865–1866) and, later, in different gymnasiums in Kalisz, Siedlce (1867–1872), and Kyshyniv (1873–1874).

He started writing in 1865. His works appeared in Kievan and Galician publishing houses and periodicals such as Rada, Pravda, Dilo, and Zoria magazines. His bibliography includes social and popular history novels, dramas, comedies, and fairy tales. Among his most famous works are the novel Kaidash's Family (1878) and the comedy At Kozhumyaky (1875), which was later remade into the play Chasing Two Hares by Mykhailo Starytsky.

In 1961 the play was adapted as a popular comedy movie of the same name.



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