graphic artist

In 1921–1923 Vedernikov studied at the Art School in Nizhniy Novgorod under A. V. Kuprin and A.V. Fonvizin, later in 1924–1927 — at the Higher Art Technical Institute (VKhUTEIN) in Leningrad under O. E. Braz and A. E. Karev.

In 1927 he interrupted his studies without completing the course (he was awarded the diploma in 1954 at the graphic faculty of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture under I. Repin in Leningrad).Since 1928 Vedernikov participated in exhibitions. In the same year he joined the association Krug Khudozhnikov (“Circle of Artists”). In 1930s he painted landscapes of Leningrad. Since 1939 he worked at an experimental workshop in Leningrad department of the Union of Soviet Artists (LOSSKh), where he studied possibilities of color printing and developed his own system of printing. In 1945 Vedernikov created sketches of monuments of Russian architecture in Pskov, Pushkin, Pulkovo (all were destroyed during the Great Patriotic War).

In 1950–1970 Vedernikov worked a lot in the field of lithography; created landscapes, interiors, still lifes.Vedernikov also worked as a teacher. In 1936–1937 he taught at the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, and in 1937–1941 — at Leningrad Institute of Communal Construction (since 1945 was renamed to Leningrad Engineering Construction Institute).

Alexander Vedernikov was one of the leading representatives of the so-called Leningrad school of landscape, associated with the names of N. A. Tyrsa, V. M. Konashevich, N. F. Lapshin, A. Uspensky, V. Pakulin, and V. A. Grinberg. In his works, he strove not so much for the accurate reproduction of nature, as for transfer of the impression from what he had seen, the mood and the state of nature. The best part of his creative heritage was lyrical landscapes of Leningrad. They were created with the help of subtle nuances of color and effects of raying one layer of paint over another. That is why even oil paintings of this artist were filled with lightness and air.


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