Born 1926

Moscow, USSR

Landscape and genre painter

Klara Filippovna Vlasova was born in Moscow. As a child she went to a specialised art school, later she studied at the Moscow Intermediate Art school. Her teachers there were Pochitalov, Shorchev and Koshevii.

In 1950 she graduated from the Moscow Surikov Institute. Her teachers here were G. Schegal, V. Favorskii and the famous S. Gerasimov.

During the 1950s she traveled extensively in Siberia, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Her style is light and passes on the feeling of freshness and improvisation. She prefers genre scenes, either from the farming landscape, or from the Southern republics. Her Crimean landscapes shine with the bright colours of the South.

Klara was always very fond of sports. This can be seen in her numerous paintings of football, skating, swimming and skiing - usually with children as the main characters.

In the 1960s she spent most of her time in Dagestan, travelling to remote villages, depicting the day-to-day life of the people, their festivities and holidays.

Klara Filippovna is still active in Moscow, now painting mainly landscapes and portraits.


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