Moscow, USSR

Monumentalist, graphic artist

Boris Grigorevitch Dyatlov was born in Novosibirsk in Siberia in a family of workers. After finishing school in 1941, he was drafted to the army, and was soon sent to the front in Ukraine. In 1943 he was seriously wounded, and he left the Army in 1946, highly decorated.

In 1946 he entered the Moscow Institute of Applied Art (MIPIDI) where the famous Aleksandr Deineka was his teacher and mentor. He specialised in "monumental art" - muralism. When he graduated in 1951, he decorated the two new theatres in Kalinin and in Stalingrad (Volgograd).

From the 1950's until his death he decorated more than 70 large buildings (e.g. theatres, schools, factory buildings, train stations, VDNKh Moscow), with both mosaics and murals, for which he received a large number of awards and medals.

In his private painting life during the 1950's, he painted numerous sketches of daily life in the village and the kolkhoz, concentrating often on the colourful and unique characters that inhabited them.

In the 1960s he was influenced by the appearance of the "Shestidesyatniki" and the Severe Style, this is reflected in his approach to depicting the sad consequences of the 1930s collectivization and WW2.

His wife Valentina Statun was also an artist, she specialised in glass mosaics.


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