Leningrad, USSR

Graphic artist

Anna Alexandrovna Kostrova was born November 22, 1909, in the village Belostok, Omsk Province, West Siberia.

In 1925 Anna Kostrova entered at the Omsk School of Industrial Art, where she studied of V. Trofimov and S. Feldman. In 1928 Anna Kostrova graduated from the School of Industrial Art in Omsk.

In 1930 Anna Kostrova comes to Leningrad. Since 1934 she has participated in Art Exhibitions. Anna Kostrova painted portraits, landscapes, still lifes, worked as easel painter, graphic artist, and art illustrator. Her personal exhibitions were in Leningrad (1973, 1977, 1979) and in Moscow (1974, 1983).

In 1930s Anna Kostrova was traveling with her husband, artist Nikolai Kostrov on the White Sea and Barents Sea, the Crimea, Ukraine and Novgorod, during which painted a lot from life.
In 1940, Anna Kostrova was admitted to the Leningrad Union of Artists.

In 1950–1970 years, Anna Kostrova illustrated children's books for the largest publishing houses in Moscow and Leningrad. Together with Nikolai Kostrov she travels to Armenia, Norway, according to the ancient cities of Vologda and Vladimir-Suzdal land, cruise on the Danube. Impressions from these trips have become material for numerous works of graphics and painting.


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