Marina Uspenskaya, 1955, "Silver Hoof", Pavel Bazhov, 1938
Марина Успенская,1955, "Серебряное копытце", Павел Бажов, 1938


Marina Uspenskaya, 1955, "Silver Hoof", Pavel Bazhov, 1938

Pavel Bazhov (Павел Петрович Бажов) (January 27, 1879 - December 3, 1950) was a Russian writer. He is famous as the author of many fairy-tale stories, translated in many languages. Sergei Prokofiev created a ballet "The Tale of the Stone Flower" based on one of his tales. He was also the author of several books on the Russian Revolution and the Civil War, and was decorated with an Order of Lenin and won the USSR State Prize.

This exhibition shows the original gouache illustrations to Bazhov's tale "Silver Hoof" (Серебряное копытце), drawn by famous Moscow artist Marina Uspenskaya.

The book is a classic in Soviet children's literature. It was published first time in 1955 at the publishing house "Detgiz".

The book was - with these illustrations - later printed many times, and in many different languages, including English, Japanese, Slovenian, Bengali, etc. The total published number is more that 1,5 million copies.

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