Olga Eiges (1910-1996)
Ейгес, Ольга (1910-1996)


Olga Eiges (1910-1996)

Olga Eighes was born in Smolensk. Between 1930 and 1934 she studied under E. Iakub at the Pamiati 1905 Art College and from 1934 to 1939 studied poster design under A. Deineka at the Surikov Institute. 

She participated in her first exhibition in 1927 and served as a poster designer for the Institute of Health Education and the Soviet State Circus. Eiges joined the Moscow Union of Soviet Artists in 1941. 

After her return from war evacuation, she was involved, together with D. Brodskaia, T. Rein, E Rodionova , V. Fediaeva and N. Elkonina, in doing murals at Metro stations, administrative buildings and health centres within V. Favorsky’s monumental painting team, in 1943. 

 Eiges did large-size graphic works and designed books. 

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